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Are you thinking of living in Spain but still don’t know where to live? Do you like the warm and tropical climate? You like the sea? Well, I have an option that will be incredible for you. The Costa Blanca is the tourist name given to the Alicante province, which is in the southeast of Spain and it is made up mostly of beaches, coves and cliffs, well, yes, as you have to imagine in a place like this the view is certainly phenomenal. Could you imagine waking up there every day?

Although it is clear that most of the charm is found in its natural beauty, it should be noted that the structures that have been built in that place are not far behind and that in addition to that the warmth and kindness of the people since you arrive there will make you feel immediately at home, without a doubt there are many factors why this would be one of the places in Spain where you could go to live without any problems without a doubt, More info here.

But it’s up to you. What do you think about it? Would you be able to change your life by going to this place?

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